How to get actively involved with Nomsu.

Learning Nomsu

The first step for contributing to Nomsu is to familiarize yourself with the language. The best way to do that is to install Nomsu and run through the interactive tutorial (nomsu -t tutorial). This will give you some experience using the language. Reading through the documentation is also a good idea. It won’t take too long to read, and I’ve aimed to make it as interesting and relevant as possible without getting too bogged down on the details.

Next, I recommend finding some small-scale problem that is personally meaningful to you, and using Nomsu to solve that problem. This is a great way to learn any language, and having a problem that you relate to will help keep you motivated. As an example, I needed to make some API documentation for this site, so I wrote a small tool to generate it automatically.


Feedback on Nomsu can be sent to . If you end up using Nomsu for a project, I’d be thrilled to hear about it. I’d especially love to get feedback on things that were confusing or difficult about the learning process, or suggestions about how to make Nomsu better. You can also open issues on the Bitbucket repository.